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User Interface
Fast and flexible UI that can be customized to your workflow
Dockable in 3ds Max UI and viewports
Unification of 3ds Max scene management into one workflow
Dynamic Auto-Layout features keep your views clean and organize

Object Views
Handle thousands of objects with speed and agility
Quick selection, modification and drag n’ drop editing of scene objects
Multiple tabs with different filters and sorting
Filter and organize objects by name, material, search criteria, and much more

Zookeeper: Synoptic Views from Ephere Inc on Vimeo.

Schematic Views
Manage hundreds of nodes with interactive editing
Full node based control of all 3ds Max entities
Easily see scene connections by expanding node inputs
Easy Wire setup and modification with drag and drop
Fast expressions between nodes in custom expression nodes

Zookeeper: Composite nodes and templates from Ephere Inc on Vimeo.

Layers Views
Handle hundreds of layers with speed and agility
Powerful Layer Manager with Nested Layers
Double click to select all objects on layers
Right click to set properties on layers
Turn off lights and particles systems when hidde