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Xcatalog is an easy-to-use linking and interactive building tool for making two-way connections between elements in your XPress documents–text selections or whole text and picture box contents–and fields in your database(s). Once the links are established, changes can be made on either the XPress side or the database side, and the changes pushed in the other direction–Xcatalog is fully bi-directional. You can use Xcatalog to update prices, graphics, product information, or change versions or even swap languages–automatically.

Xcatalog Pro is the version of Xcatalog that supports ODBC online access. An Xcatalog Pro license unlocks the Pro features of the software. And, for the Pro version to use ODBC under MacOS, you’ll need to use the Actual Technologies drivers.

For more information, visit the Xcatalog product page.

NB: Xcatalog is only sold as an electronic downloadable package. When we process your order, we will email you your license code, which you supply to the downloaded copy when it first starts up (you can run it in demo mode until you receive your license).

To download the electronic package, visit the Xcatalog and Xcatalog Pro product page and see the sidebar „Xcatalog for QuarkXPress”.

Before ordering any item, be sure to select your platform (MacOS or Windows).