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World Publisher Suite Pro

The World Publisher Suite Pro offers an unparalleled solution for publishing an a vast number of languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Indic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many more.

If you publish complex documents in many of the world’s languages, the World Publisher Suite Pro is simply a must-have.

The world Publisher Suite Pro includes :

World Tools Pro

World Tools Pro enables composing multilingual documents including Hebrew, Arabic, Indic languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more.

Mindsteam’s MindSpell (CS5/CS5.5)

MindSpell is a spell checker with support for over 140 languages. WorldTools Suite ships with the Hebrew, Arabic, and Farsi spell checkers installed. MindSpell supports multiple spelling services, offers additional spelling preferences, and adds scripting support for spell check and suggested words.

MindSpell is compatible with Aspell and Hunspell dictionaries. Dictionaries for more languages can be downloaded from here.

Mindsteam’s MindHyph (CS5/CS5.5)

MindHyph is a hyphenation engine for InDesign which offers support for over 50 hyphenation languages.

MindHyph is compatible with Aspell and Hunspell dictionaries. Dictionaries for many languages can be downloaded from here.

MindSpell and MindHyph are not included in the CS6 version of World Publisher Suite Pro due to the inclusion of HunSpell dictionary support in InDesign CS6.

AutoFlow Pro

AutoFlow Pro combines with InDesign’s sophisticated composition abilities to provide a remarkably advanced solution for flowing and reflowing entire documents, and requires only minimal user attention. With AutoFlow Pro you fully control the layout of both text and images, using both master frames and non-master frames.

Power Headers

Power Headers offers content reflective running headers and corrects many of the shortcomings of InDesign’s variables as well as adding an immense array of other features.

Style Utilities

Style Utilities is a growing collection of functions designed to aid in formatting text quickly and efficiently.

Column Flow

Column Flow adds the ability to create spanning headers and footers as well as “boxed paragraphs” in a manner that’s useful for long documents.

Reflective Objects

Offers the ability to set non-anchored objects and guides to spine-relative positions.

Side Heads

Creates anchored side heads in InDesign based on either character or paragraph style.

Story Control

Gives the ability to assign both a logical and physical order to stories.

Drop Words

Creates “drop words” commonly used in classic Hebrew typesetting.

CS5; CS5.5; CS6; CC ; Win; Mac