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VideoStitch Extended

VideoStitch has a built-in interactive panorama viewer that allows you to instantly preview and play the resulting video at any point in time.

VideoStitch brings your 360 ideas to life !

Produce stunning 360° and high resolution panoramic videos.

VideoStitch is not only amazingly fast, it is packed with features to get the best of your panoramic video rigs.

  •  Real-time, interactive preview
  • Flexible calibration workflow
  • H264 & industry standard encoding
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Auto exposure & color compensation
  • Pixel accurate masking



The graphics card is the most important piece of hardware to consider for using VideoStitch.

What to consider ?

You first should have a nVidia card. It is mandatory, as VideoStitch relies on the power of the nVidia CUDA framework. The graphics card’s GPU should achieve compute capability 1.3 or better, which is the case of all CUDA compatible cards nowadays. The most important caracteristics to look at when considering a graphics card for VideoStitch are :

Graphics memory

The memory of the GPU card is very important. If you want to stitch large videos, you’ll need a card with lots of memory.
Don’t worry, you can have a 4GB card with less than 100€ nowadays !

See our reference table to find out of how much graphics memory !

Some high end graphics cards come with multiple GPUs.

These cards behave just like a mutliple GPU setup : the amount of memory that VideoStitch can use is the ‘per GPU’ graphics memory
eg: the GeForce GTX690 advertised as a 4Gb card, offers 2Gb per GPU and will only allow stitching what 2Gb can hold.

CUDA cores ? The more, the faster !

And speed up is roughly linear. If you have 1500 cores on your card, you will get about 5x faster processing than with a 300 cores.
Also almost every card nVidia card should work, we have selected 3 graphics cards to give you an idea of what to look for if you plan to buy a new one :
GT 640 (4Gb version)
A extremly affordable card with plently of VRAM.
It’s the best card to start, and you’ll be able to do a lot with it !
Buy it through amazon

CUDA cores : 384
Graphic memory : 4 Gb

Estimated max. stitch size 8000×4000?

GTX670 (4Gb version)
Looking for the best speed/price you can have ? This is it !
With 1344 cores, it will you’ll love to seek in VideoStitch and have a live result.
Buy it through amazon

CUDA cores : 1334
Graphic memory : 4 Gb

Estimated max. stitch size 8000×4000?

GTX Titan
You don’t want to make any compromises ?
The GTX Titan is the most powerfull graphics card available to date.
This is the best card you can offer to VideoStitch.
You’ll be able to stitch ultra high resolution video, such at an astonished speed.
Buy it through amazon

CUDA cores : 2688
Graphic memory : 6Gb

Estimated max. stitch size 10000×5000?

Memory usage

How large input/output image size VideoStitch can process depends on how much memory is available, we have tested various cards with footage from various size. Contact us if the following data is not relevant to you.

Graphics memory graphics memory (MB) *nb inputs input (px) output (px)
4Gb (GT640) 2934 Mb 4 3664 x 2748 8000 x 4000
4Gb (GT640) 3975 Mb 4 3664 x 2748 9600 x 4800
1Gb (GTX650) 928 Mb 6 1920 x 1440 4000 x 2000
4Gb (GT640) 2037 Mb 6 1920 x 1440 5400 x 2700
1Gb (GTX650) 897 Mb 6 1200 x 960 4000 x 2000
4Gb (GT640) 3861 Mb 6 3840 x 2880 8000 x 4000


VideoStitch Pro VideoStitch Extended
Command line stitching
Coming soon : Prores 422 codec
Max simultaneous GPU 1 unlimited
Copy sound from input
Unlimited exported size
Multi langage
Multi platform
PTGui mask
Real time preview
video format : mp4, avi*
still format : jpg, png*, tif*
Stitch timelapse
Multiple input/output projection
Automatic input synchronization
Manual input synchronization
make template with PTGui
make template with Hugin
Price (excl VAT*) 499 € 899 €