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Trapcode Mir

Create 3D motion design at OpenGL speed

Get Trapcode’s next generation of motion graphics. Trapcode Mir creates quick-rendering 3D shapes that are built on the power of OpenGL, previewing your effect instantly so you can keep on designing. You’ll play with a simple polygon mesh that is packed with 3D features, like fractal noise for distortion, texture mapping, repeating geometry, and After Effects light integration. Mir generates smoothly shaded objects or flowing organic elements, abstract landscapes and nebula structures — all beautifully animated with light and depth. Break the speed barrier in After Effects with motion design that is fast, flexible and fun.

TECH NOTE: Mir is powered by OpenGL. For best results, you need the minimum system requirements and the most recent drivers for your video card. We recommend trying the free demo before you purchase to make sure your system is compatible with Mir. Read our Mir Optimization FAQ page or download the Trial version .

Reasons To Buy

A new face in the Trapcode family! Mir is feature-packed with Trapcode favorites, matched perfectly with new controls that you’ll love, for a fast new tool that ignites your creativity.
Instant effects with OpenGL. Mir adds speed and ease to complex designs with OpenGL rendering, letting you instantly preview an effect and keep on working.
Work at lightspeed. Explore countless combinations of texture mapping and 3D lighting with the Shader and Material options to create unique VFX and motion graphics.
Talk pretty with AE 3D. Get full integration with After Effects’ 3D camera and comp lights for a variety of beautiful lighting and shading effects.
Design elements. Create a variety of interesting shapes for motion design, like fluid landscapes, flowing organic patterns, nebula structures and abstract elements.
Free Guru presets. Ships with 18 .ffx presets to get your Mir animations started quickly and beautifully, all designed by Red Giant Guru Harry Frank.

A 3D story: Polygons, fractals & lights

The core of Trapcode Mir is simple and powerful: A mesh object that’s made of polygons, shaped by fractal noise, and textured and illuminated in a 3D environment. The polygon geometry and the fractal’s organic look combine to create flowing abstract designs and natural-looking elements. Plus Mir is fully integrated into After Effects’ comp lights and camera, with features like Specularity and Ambient Occlusion that add shading and reflections. Your result is a beautiful animation formed of light, texture and depth.

Mir lets your creative rhythm flow

Bom, bom, bom. Can you hear that ambient soundtrack? It’s counting the beats as you render, but you’re dancing along because Mir moves so fast. Mir is built on OpenGL performance so you can increase polygons and complexity without ever hitting a speed issue, even when working in HD. Keep the beat going as Mir lets you instantly preview your animation for an interactive and responsive workflow. Mir is the DJ that keeps the rhythm flowing.

The next generation of Trapcode design

Go where no Trapcode has gone before. Creator Peder Norrby was inspired to develop Mir as he listened to the design community talk about their need for speed. Mir includes some of your Trapcode favorites — support for AE lights, texture mapping,fractal fields — to create the organic geometry that you already love in Trapcode products like Form 2. But Mir gives your design a unique spin with fantastic (and fast) new options, like the Repeater for easy instancing and Draw modes that create a 3D skin. Beam us up!