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Topaz Lens Effects

Professional creative filters

Virtual camera bag of realistic effects developed from real lenses and filters.

Use pixel-perfect effects taken directly from
real-world camera lenses and filters

Ensure that people see your photos exactly how they’re meant to be seen with a wide range of beautiful effects taken directly from real equipment.

This collection of creative and corrective effects is easy to use and helps eliminate the need for additional physical equipment. Lens Effects extends filter and lens functionality beyond your camera and allows you to make these adjustments after the shot, simplifying your shoot and giving you more control.

Accomplish things in your photos more quickly and with less effort.

This virtual camera bag of realistic effects reduces the need to carry more in your real bag.


Aesthetically blur the background and bring more attention to the image subject.


Gradually darken or lighten image edges to bring more emphasis to the center.


Soften light to create a hazy or dream-like effect. Traditionally used for portraits to soften and smooth skin.


Enhance the look of sky and water by darkening the sky, reducing water reflections and foliage shine.

Color Filters

Single tone and duotone filters for color correction and enhancement. Also produces creative color effects.

Graduated Neutral Density

Achieve better exposure balance between sky and ground by gradually darkening brighter areas in your images.

Tilt-Shift Lenses

Selectively adjust the focal plane and subject to create unique perspectives and miniature effects.

Old School

Combine multiple color tones, vignettes, and grain effects to create photos with a vintage look and feel.

Creative Blur

Creatively blur and distort images to drive attention to your subject and create your desired mood.

Motion Blur

Create and emphasize movement using motion tools that simulate zoom, spiral, rotation, panning, and shake effects.