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Substance Painter

Substance Painter
The next generation of 3D Painting

3D Painting reinvented

Substance Painter is a brand new 3D Painting app featuring never before seen features and workflow improvements to make the creation of textures for modern games easier than ever.

At Allegorithmic, we have a long history of working very closely with our customers, from the small independents to the largest AAA studios. Today we want you to help us design the ultimate painting tool and bring innovation and state of the art technology to every artist out there at a fair price.

This Beta version will give you access to the Indie license once it is released. As with our other tools, you can the Indie license for commercial purpose if your company/entity makes less than $10K per year. Moreover, this license allows you to sell assets on the Workshop for any Steam game!

They talk about it

„Substance Painter is that magic application; there’s always more great features to make your life easier!”

Laurens “Xoliul” Corijn, Technical Artist, EA DICE
For 20 years, mainstream 3D paint solutions have relied on the same manual approach from one program to the next. Along comes Substance Painter, which has the potential to shake things up, innovate and revolutionize the way we visually create in films, games and other digital mediums.

Gee Yeung, Creative director, visual development artist for film, Dreamworks Animation Studios
Particles brushes
Throw water, dirt or even fire at your object and watch the realistic weathering effects unfold in real time!

Physically Based Viewport
Preview your painting in a next-gen viewport for accurate material feedback.

Material Painting
Paint full materials at once, lay the groundwork for your textures or paints small details in seconds!

Substance Brushes
Use your Substances as brushes and unleash parametric painting!

Next-gen 2D view
Introducing a fully shaded 2D view with free canvas rotation

Seamless 2D painting
Paint in 2D across seams thanks to the unified 3D/2D pipeline. Massive time saver and unique fearture in digital painting application