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SliceX powered by mocha

The „Roto-Mask” plug-in for Final Cut Pro X

SliceX lets you create instant Shape Masks to cut out layers or isolate effects directly in Final Cut Pro X without having to go into Motion or create the masks with an external program. Create animated garbage mattes, blur shapes and more directly within your Final Cut timeline!

SliceX includes nine motion templates for common tasks and you can also use the Shape Masks with built in effects, the built in color corrector or with third party plugins.

NEW! Slice X is now powered by mocha’s Academy Award winning planar tracking engine to easily track roto masks for accurate masking with less manual keyframing.


  • Create custom roto mask shapes within FCPX
  • Track with mocha powered Planar Tracker
  • Isolated color correction and fill effects.
  • Cutout, blur, depth of field, clone and more.
  • Built-in editable presets

“I love this, I’ve been testing it out for the past two hours and I am simply blown away!” – Ben Balser FCPX University

„If you want to buy just one plugin for FCPX, this is the one!” – Knut Hake, editor, Phoenix Films

Developed by technology partner: CoreMelt

Final Cut Pro X