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The industry trusts Spot Process Separation Studio.
Don’t separate another tonal image file without this amazing software that automated the most difficult separation process for screen-printers.


Industry leading choice, Spot Process Separation Studio (SPSS) is the only true Macintosh and Windows compatible RGB raster de-compiling color separation software. That’s the technical way to describe software that automatically analyzes your raster color image for its RGB (rainbow) colors. Scroll down for examples of art files perfect for Spot Process Sep Studio.

Using a previous Spot Process Version

Upgrade today and enjoy FREE Live Agent Support and the Parachute Plan.

Since its introduction in 1995, users have benefited from on-screen and on-press high-quality results, unequalled speed and ease-of-use, and the delivery of shop standards. This pioneering software delivered to the screen-print industry a complete package – automated color separation software AND shop standards. Shops save valuable time during pre-press and print production. This time savings means greater shop profits. The accuracy of SPSS means a better printed product.

With automatic one-click color adjustment options to its standard on-press color set and predictable color print order, Spot Process Separation Studio is a feature packed software making on-screen and on-press tasks simple and predictable. What used to be a difficult and unpredictable process – any level user and shop can color separate even the most complex color images, adjust, and go into print production with confidence.

Expecting outstanding image reproduction on garments is what Separation Studio is all about. Halftone printing is an easy and controllable print process for every size and skill level shop – even if you didn’t believe it could be.

Spot Process Separation Studio sets standards, yet it is versatile. Immediately you’ll experience its tremendous value to your entire business after producing just one or two separations using the FREE, fully-functional trial. Perfect for an 8 color or more shop that can take advantage of the full RGB spectral range. Yet versatile, so 6 color shops will do astonishing work with Separation Studio thanks to built-in, one-click, color merge buttons. The auto-adjust button is also one of the best features, bringing reliable universal color adjusting and a boost in production. Simply click it and your file is automatically color adjusted for you. The choice is always yours!


Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7

El Capitan
Mountain Lion
Snow Leopard (Intel)

The full set of Spot Process press colors…
you won’t need any more… but will often use less…
White             (under-base) (a flash quality white)
Black              (opaque or “process black”)
Red                 (032)
Blue                (300)
Gold               (123 or 122 if a bright, more yellow gold is needed)
Purple            (pantone purple)
Green             (354)
Turquoise     (312)
Gray               (cool gray 8)
White            (top highlight) (not a thick, overpowering white)