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RE:Map provides professional quality mapping and distortion tools.

RE:Map is a set of 5 plugins:

  • RE:Map UV takes a UV Map, probably rendered from a 3D system, and renders an image using this mapping. Easily clean up texture maps and remap in post without having to go back to your 3D system for re-rendering. In addition, this plugin allows you you to come up with cool 2D and 3D animated texture map templates and reuse them over again with different image sequences.
  • RE:Map Inverse UV takes a UV Map and a color image that matches that UV Map, and inversely projects the color image to a rectangular image that may then be used to texture the UV Map with RE:Map UV, or for use as a texture map for your 3D system.
  • RE:Map Distort takes a color image and automatically distorts the image based on the features for a caricature-like effect.
  • RE:Map Displace warps an image with a user-supplied displacement map. This plugin includes many more options and advanced filtering controls than most other displacement map filters.
  • RE:Map Planar maps or inverse maps a perspective plane defined by 4 points (also known as corner pinning)

General RE:Map Features

  • 8 and 16 bits per channel processing. Floating point image support for After Effects 7.0 and up and OFX hosts.
  • High quality filtering of images which includes supersampling and mipmapping

RE:Map UV Features

  • Requires 16 bit per channel or floating point support from host application.
  • Reapply new texture sequences in order to reuse animated UV maps for cool animations and transitions.
  • Adjust, color correct, edit, then reapply your textures for your 3D animated objects without having to rerender in the 3D system.
  • Advanced feature to deal with antialiased UV edges and areas where a section of an object crosses another part of the object.

RE:Map Inverse UV Features

  • Requires 16 bit per channel or floating point support from host application.
  • Paint or align textures in 2D to match your 3D rendered image and inversely project the image to make a texture map for use in your 3D system or with RE:Map UV.

RE:Map Distort Features

  • Automatic distortion of features in an image for a caricature effect.

RE:Map Planar Features

  • Provides much better results than the corner pinning found in most applications, with high quality filtering.
  • Inverse corner pinning which enables you to work in a non-perspective space on your live-action sources.

RE:Map Displace Features

  • Requires 16 bit per channel support from host application.
  • Multiple passes available for smearing and feedback effects.
  • Both forward and inverse displacement filtering provided, giving different but equally interesting results.

Feature Availability Note: Not all the plugins of the RE:Map set work properly in all applications listed. In particular, RE:Map UV, RE:Map Inverse UV and RE:Map Displace need 16 bits-per-channel support, so these three plugins of RE:Map are only recommended for After Effects, and OFX and other After Effects-compatible hosts that support 16 bit-per-channel or floating point image processing. RE:Map UV, RE:Map Inverse UV and RE:Map Displace do not currently work in FCP nor Premiere Pro.