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Videographers and filmmakers win by telling a good story. Now you can win at the workflow behind that story too. By synchronizing audio and multi-camera video automatically, PluralEyes revolutionizes post-production and speeds your sync in seconds rather than days. PluralEyes 3 is a standalone application with a new timeline, visual feedback, and touch-up features for quality control. PluralEyes 3 is up to 20x faster than PluralEyes 2, and can easily prepare an audio/video sync for any NLE. For a faster, less tedious and more accurate workflow, use PluralEyes 3 to put the focus back onto creative storytelling.

What’s New

  • FREE UPDATE! PluraEyes 3.2 adds full support for Windows systems, and imports/exports its timeline with Sony Vegas Pro
  • Turn post from tedious to lightning-fast. PluralEyes 3 is up to 20x quicker than PluralEyes 2, and hundreds of times faster than synchronizing the old-fashioned way. Learn to love visual storytelling again.
  • Enjoy production more as you do less. A brand new timeline with visual feedback gives you confidence as you watch the sync happen. Identify problems before they happen, and get some geek excitement by watching the sync occur in real time.
  • Get the sync in one place. We integrated DualEyes features to create a standalone PluralEyes 3 application. Now you can sync footage before going into an editing platform.
  • „Do It For Me” workflow. Let PluralEyes do the heavy lifting, when you add a group of clips as ‚Takes,’ and let PluralEyes decide their relationship while it’s syncing.
  • Bring quality control to the edit. New ‘test & tweak’ tools such as Two-Up View and Synchronize Pair of Clips save time by adjusting the sync on-the-fly, offering you a full quality control step before the creative editing

Reasons To Buy

  • Eliminate the pain of manual syncing. Turn what used to be hours or days of data wrangling into seconds. Free up time, budget and resources to focus on the creative art of visual storytelling.
  •  Sync where you want. Your PluralEyes 3 purchase also includes PluralEyes 2 and DualEyes, the original tools that support Mac, Windows and all NLEs.
  • Works with your favorite cameras. PluralEyes supports a wide variety of cameras like Canon, Nikon and GoPro, and formats including DSLR, MXF, P2 and XDCAM. Learn more
  •  Export to the NLEs you need. Thanks to integrated DualEyes features, PluralEyes exports its timeline directly to Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Media Composer or Vegas Pro, and exports media files for use in every editing platform..