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Organizuj i ożywiaj warstwy 3D – w łatwy sposób. PlaneSpace eliminuje żmudną pracę zarządzania indywidualnymi warstwami przy tworzeniu wielowarstwowych efektów. Narzędzie kreatora automatycznie tworzy warstwy w formie sześcianów, cylindrów, sfer lub skomplikowanych struktur, podczas gdy sześć narzędzi dystrybucyjnych organizuje warstwy 3D w przestrzeni 3D w sposób który wybierzesz bez potrzeby tworzenia klatek kluczowych i skomplikowanych obliczeń.

What’s New

  • PlaneSpace was formerly 3D Assistants Pro from Digital Anarchy. Learn more here

Reasons To Buy

  • 64 bit compatibility provides significant performance gains
  • Ten Pro-level tools and six simplified Lite tools provide great-looking effects for any user
  • Rearrange, reposition, and adjust your layers quickly and easily
  • Create sophisticated video walls, cubes, rings, or other shapes in minutes

No keyframes necessary

Unlike assistant tools like The Wiggler, PlaneSpace doesn’t need keyframes to be present in a layer. These tools are designed purely to arrange layers in 3D space. Of course, PlaneSpace can set keyframes while animating the position and orientation of your layers, and that makes truly sophisticated 3D arrangements.

Unlimited number of layers

The number of layers that PlaneSpace manipulates is limited only by your computer’s processing power. PlaneSpace can even duplicate and distribute large groups of layers. 400 layers? No problem! PlaneSpace makes it possible – and easy.

Powerful custom controls

No matter what shape you choose for its layers, PlaneSpace has helpful settings for size, distribution, how far apart the layers sit, and incremental distance. Save RAM by setting Repeat values to duplicate 10 layers instead of 100 individual ones.