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Forces of nature at your command including Fire, Smoke, Rainfall, Snowstorm, Fog Factory, Electrical Arcs, Fairy Dust, Bubbles, Fireworks, Muzzle Flash and Sparks.

Phenomena Bubbles
Easily create any type of bubble effect, from a fizzy drink to bubbles trailing a shark. Adjust speed, size, amount, motion, and bubble type.

Phenomena Electrical Arcs
Generate arcs of electricity similar to what you see with a Jacobs Ladder, or a Tesla Coil. This plug-in is also quite good at generating lightning bolts.

Phenomena Fairy Dust
Create emmiter style glowing dust that blows in the wind and has various dust shapes. Follow a magic wand or add zip to the tail of a comet.

Phenomena Fire
Organic fire plugin with an emmiter style particle based algorithm. Simulate a match strike, camp fire, car bomb, forest fire or raging inferno.

Phenomena FireWorks
Simulate a large-scale fireworks display with a three-stage particle emmiter system that includes: Launch, Explosion, and Sparkler.

Phenomena Fog Factory
Create a flowing fog effect that offers depth of field simulation and automatically moves without keyframing. An excellent digital fog and haze plugin.

Phenomena Muzzle Flash
Turn that prop gun into a lethal weapon. You’re armed with flashes from a 357 Handgun, M-16 Rifle, 12-Gauge Shotgun, and a Turnicliffe.

Phenomena Rainfall
A particle system that easily and elegantly handles rain simulation. Great for adding rain to a wet scene or to transform a drizzle into a downpour.

Phenomena Smoke
Create a billowing smoke effect. Control color, speed, rotation, and opacity. Combine with Phenomena Fire to create all sorts of pyro mayhem.

Phenomena SnowStorm
A plug-in designed so that the snow drifts in a particular direction, but also includes a great deal of chaotic motion. Layer the effect to create a blizzard.

Phenomena Sparks
Cast sparks from any object with this emmiter style effect. Control how the sparks will be cast, from where, and what they will look like. Sparks are gonna fly.