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particleIllusion Overview

The award-winning particleIllusion particle effects engine is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add any of thousands of high-quality effects to your visual compositions. Its speed, power, and ease-of-use make it a go-to tool in any visual field, while its huge library of preset “emitters” allow you, at any experience level, to create amazing visual effects with very little effort.

ParticleIIllusion works as a standalone application or as a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily create amazing effects. Although customization of all of the effects is simple, it’s the scope of the preset collection that really impresses: sparkles to smoke; geometric shapes to motion graphics; creatures to space warps; magic effects to explosions – and everything in between. ParticleIllusion standalone version is platform-agnostic and works with any video editing or compositing software.

  • Variety – Comes with over 3,000 presets
  • Convenient – Presets are ready for use as-is – ideal for tight deadlines
  • Flexible – Effect presets may be customized for a one-of-a-kind look
  • Fast – High-speed effects engine for fast previews and render times
  • Beautiful – Superior images, realistic quality