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Pan and Zoom

Create the photo animation style made popular by Ken Burns. Achieve stunning results without a single keyframe.

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How does it work?

Drag the Pan and Zoom generator to your timeline and select your source media (a photo or a clip.) Pan and Zoom creates a smooth animation between any two regions in the source.

keyframing Optional

Let Pan and Zoom figure out the correct timing for your animation based on a simple choice:


Pan and Zoom can keep the animation in sync with the duration of the clip. You can also set the duration in seconds or control the progress manually, if you prefer to keyframe a single parameter.
Various animation styles are available in Final Cut Pro X as separate effects: whether you prefer fully automatic animation or keyframes, the options are there.

Key Features

Supports image files in the most popular formats (JPEG, PNG, PSD, RAW, etc.).

Keeps animation in sync with the length of the clip, allowing you to freely resize your clips and a perfect match for the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro X.

Doesn’t sacrifice flexibility: the animation can also be controlled manually by keyframing a few parameters.

Motion Blur: easy to configure via a single parameter, motion blur lets you generate the best-looking animations at any frame rate.

• New in version 3.0.1: Available in Premiere Pro CS6.

• New in version 3.0: High-precision, color-managed rendering ensures pristine quality in all hosts.

• New in version 3.0: Available in Final Cut Pro X, with multiple animation styles available through the effects browser.

Bonus Transition

This set of free plug-ins also includes a Pan and Zoom transition for Final Cut Pro which lets editors use the same photo animation techniques to move between any two clips:

Download and Installation

The Pan and Zoom plug-ins are available via FxFactory. If FxFactory version 4.0 (or later) is already installed on your system, please skip to step 2.

1. Download and Install FxFactory

Download FxFactory

Download FxFactory

2. Show Pan and Zoom in FxFactory


Pan and Zoom

Free Download >>>