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mocha AE v3.1

mocha AE v3.1 – Planar Tracking Power
The powerful motion tracking and roto utility created for vfx artists and editors.
Advanced tracking and matte creation tools combined with the low price point make mocha AE v3.1 the ideal compliment utility for post-production challenges. Use mocha AE for shots that cause other trackers to fail… out of focus footage… obscured and blurred objects… even elements that go off-screen. Save time by reducing manual keyframes.

New Features:

  • Lens Distortion Module and mocha Lens plug-in for After Effects
  • 3D Camera Module: Solve tracking for camera and moving objects
  • Roto Tools: Transform Tool and Join Layers designed to edit roto more efficiently
  • Dope Sheet: keyframe editor simplifies animation. Copy & paste keyframes.
  • Added support and upgrade path for HitFilm 2 Ultimate.
  • 3D Camera Solve

Why Upgrade?
If you own mocha AE that ships with After Effects, you qualify for the reduced upgrade to v3.1. This adds new tools to analyze and calibrate lens distorted footage, 3D camera & moving object solving, more support formats, new dopesheet, roto tools and more. Are you a mocha Hit Film user? You qualify for an upgrade as well!
mocha_AEv3_supports minipic2
Export to:

After Effects CS3-CC, Apple Motion, Final Cut v7 and Boris FX.

3D Camera and Null data to After Effects CS4-CC and HitFilm 2

Roto masks to After Effects and FCP v7 (mocha shape FXplug included).