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Magic Bullet PhotoLooks

Beautiful color effects inspired by your camera

Whether you’re warming up a portrait or adding cool practical lighting, Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 2 will change the way you approach color in photography. It starts out very simple, with new color treatments that instantly set the emotion of your photo. Over 100 beautiful presets are inspired by real commercial projects, from timeless wedding vignettes to popular cinematic looks. Dive deeper by exploring the new PhotoLooks tools and their powerful way of using color, which is based on how light interacts with your camera. This makes every adjustment feel natural, from using Color Scopes for skintone accuracy, Cosmo for skin smoothing, or Colorista 3-Way Wheels for color grading. With PhotoLooks 2, every photo is worth a thousand looks.

What’s New

  • Sweet upgrade price. Pay only $49 if you already own PhotoLooks 1.5.
  • Free for Suite owners. Get a free update if you already own Magic Bullet Suite 11.
  • Reorganized interface. Your workspace is cleaner and more intuitive, keeping the heart of PhotoLooks 1 while making it easier to create new looks.
  • Advanced color correction. Get incredible professional post-processing power (say that 3x’s fast) with Magic Bullet tools like 3-Way Wheels, Pop and Ranged HSL.
  • Reveal your true colors. Analyze the precision of important colors with four new scopes for Memory Colors, Skin Overlay, Hue/Saturation and Hue/Lightness.
  • Make your talent glow. Cosmetic cleanup is now easy with the Cosmo tool for adjusting skin tones and blemishes

Reasons To Buy

  • Capture the emotion. PhotoLooks captures and intensifies the mood of your photo, whether it’s warming up or cooling down an image, or adding a popular film look.
  • Work where you want. Create incredible colors in the standalone app, plus all your favorite photo editing apps like Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 and Aperture 3.3.
  • Power and simplicity. PhotoLooks packs a ton of image processing power into a highly visual, easy-to-use experience.
  • Save time and money. Ships with 100+ stylized treatments for portraits, weddings, nature and event photography, ranging from soft lighting to Hollywood drama.
  • Video editors unite! PhotoLooks 2 is now as feature-rich as Looks 2, so you can work seamlessly between photo and video host apps, and share presets and looks with colleagues.

Photo software that speaks photography

Yours is a world of physical things, like aperture and camera lenses, and you deserve photography software that speaks your language. That’s where PhotoLooks 2 comes in. We take care of the mechanics of post-processing color — like crushing blacks and adjusting curves — to let you settle into a powerful, professional way of making your amazing photos look even better. That balancing act between the technical and the aesthetic? PhotoLooks helps you win it.

Colors that look beautiful and accurate

PhotoLooks 2 lets you control color in the way you’ve always wanted, with new tools that make sure important colors are accurate as well as beautiful. Skin Overlay and Memory Colors line up skin colors with proper fleshtones, while Cosmo smoothes and evens your subject’s complexion. The Colorista 3-Way Wheels separate colors into Shadows, Highlights and Midtones, giving you a time-tested filmmakers’ technique. PhotoLooks make sure the skin color of your bride looks rosy, not blushing.

A workflow as stunning as your photos

With PhotoLooks 2, you get more ways to make people and places look stunning. The new interface is even simpler and more powerful, with a modernized feel and cleaner tool appearance. Over 100 updated presets are based on real-world lighting and tested in commercial projects, so you can quickly add a stylized look while preserving every essential detail. As your photography changes and grows, we make sure PhotoLooks grows with you.