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IntelliPDF BATES Stamp is available in two versions: Standard and Professional.

IntelliPDF BATES is an easy-to-use plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that creates custom Bates Stamps and uses them to stamp PDF documents. The IntelliPDF BATES can create up to 16 (32 in PRO version) stamps per page. The stamp can consist of up to 8 elements (numeric, alphabetical, alpha-numeric, roman numerals etc.) up to 32 characters long.

The user controls every aspect of the stamp’s creation: the font and color, the background color, the stamp increments, the stamp placement and many others. This flexible structure allows for accommodation of a wide variety of stamping specifications. It makes IntelliPDF BATES Stamp PRO more feature rich than other similar tools available on the market today.

(Note: Screenshot of the Professional version)

The following table lists most of the features for both versions:

Features Std PRO
 Maximum Number of Stamps per one page 16 32
 Maximum Number of the Stamp Elements 8 8
 Maximum Number of Characters per Element 32 32
 Stamp’s Numeric Element
 Stamp’s Alphabetical Element
 Stamp’s Numeric-Alphabetical Element
 Stamp’s Alphabetical-Numeric Element
 Stamp’s Static Text Element
 Stamp’s Roman Numerals Element
 Stamp’s Date Element (Months and Weekdays)
 Upper/Lower cases for Alphabetical Elements
 Predefined Variables and Constants (time, author, etc.)
 UNDOES previous stamps (Note: for stamps made by
IntelliPDF BATES ver. 1.1 and above only)
 Custom positioning of the stamp
 Rotating Stamps
 Stamp’s color palettes and opacity
 Custom increments of the Elements
 Frequency of Element increments
 Starting value for the Elements (start with B, start with 24 etc.)
 Bates Stamp Preview
 Stamp Background Color
 Custom sizing of the Elements
 Custom fonts (including Barcodes) and Font Embedding
 Generates and stamps copies of a source file
 Saves and Loads defined presets
 Defines default folder for presets
 Batch mode to stamp multiple files
 Continuous numbering for batch mode
 Creates Log Files of Batch Processes
 „Output Only Stamped Objects” option for existing hard copies
 Creates Bookmarks for stamped pages
 Scales Page Content to prevent stamps from overwriting the content
 Supports RGB, CMYK, GrayScale and SPOT Color Spaces