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Hair Farm Ultimate

Hair Farm Ultimate is Fast, Powerful, and Easy to Use

Hair Farm is a complete hair solution for 3ds Max. It is specifically designed for CG professionals who wish to create gorgeous hair quickly and precisely. Hair Farm comes with over 40 different tools for hair modeling, animation, and rendering. It is fully integrated into 3ds Max and even allows you to use many existing features of 3ds Max with hair objects.

Key Features

Precise Modeling — A revolutionary hair modeling pipeline that makes hair modeling easier than ever before!
Fast Rendering — An incredibly fast hair rendering engine that always produces production quality visuals!
Realistic Materials — A state-of-the-art physically-based realistic hair material with simple parameters!
Controllable Animation — A rich variety of animation and simulation options and an easy-to-control simulation tool!

Novel Technologies

Hair Farm is not just another tool for producing hair on virtual characters. It is a completely new design that combines state-of-the-art technologies with an artist-friendly user interface and a flexible workflow.
Some of these technologies in Hair Farm are:

  • A whole new hair modeling pipeline combining the best ideas both the industry and the academia, including hair mesh modeling,
  • An artist-friendly realistic hair material that can efficiently handle complicated light behavior like multiple scattering in hair volume to produce physically-based realism,
  • A highly optimized high-quality ray tracer for hair that automatically handles anti-aliasing without the need to specify the number of samples,
  • A whole new hair simulation technique that can robustly handle complicated models and advanced physical behavior like hair-hair interaction,
  • Technologies in curve representations for modeling and rendering.

These novel technologies in their most advanced form only exist in Hair Farm. No other hair production tool, including commercial software and proprietary tools used in major studios, has these technologies. With Hair Farm you can produce images that cannot be replicated by any other software in the world!

Hair Farm Ultimate has floating license and includes priority support.