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finalRender™ R2 for Maya

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finalRender 2 for Maya

Welcome to the finalRender 2 for Maya

Here, you will learn more about finalRender™ 2 for Maya and why we think it is the best alternative to the built-in software rendering systems offered in today’s market. finalRender 2 for Maya is not only one of the best integrated rendering systems for Maya, with full support of Hypershade and many of the other shader nodes that Maya presents, but also offers one of the easiest and most efficient integrated pipeline systems of all renderers on the market.

Renowned for being the workhorse renderer for many bigger and even smaller productions, finalRender 2 for Maya goes way beyond just being a „simple” rendering application, with its all new revolutionary ShaderGrind™ concept of writing shader code, right within the Maya GUI. ShaderGrind brings total access and control to finalRender’s raytracing core and represents the next evolutionary step of writing individual shaders in Maya. What was in the past, a task for highly skilled experts, can now be easily accomplished by any Lighting TD or Texturing Lead.

Maya Hellboy 2 Sample Rendering