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finalF/X Bundle 1.5

Welcome to the Ultimate 3ds Max F/X Package!

finalF/X Bundle 1.5 consists of three products,

  • finalFlares 1.5,
  • finalDOF 1.5
  • pyroCluster 3.5,

delivering a powerful bundle of special effects plug-ins for 3ds Max 2010-2012 and 3ds Max Design 2010-2012 – not available as a single product anywhere else.

This all new product bundle is the successor to the well known F/X collection – ProOpticSuite for 3ds Max.

finalF/X Bundle (formerly known as ProOpticSuite) is optimized for 3ds Max 2010-2012 and 3ds Max Design 2010-2012.

finalFlares, for example, offers a lens flare Render Element that can be easily used as a compositing or effects tool, like combustion® or Adobe® Photoshop®.