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Welcome to finalFlares™

finalFlares 1.5, the successor of RealLensFlare II, is  now available as a stand alone option for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design. Finally, one of the best and most powerful F/X packages for 3ds Max is available to every 3D Artist at an affordable price.

Star Trek Images

Supported Platforms

3ds Max Design 2010-2012
3ds Max 2010-2012
32 and 64-bit

Studios around the globe are using RealLensFlare and are upgrading to finalFlares 1.5 already! The finalFlares effects engine has been used in many major movie and game titles of today. Movies like Star Trek Nemesis, Lethal Weapon, Lost in Space, Schuh des Manitu or such million seller game titles as Command and Conquer, Star Craft and Diablo have all utilized finalFlares F/X technology for their special effects.

finalFlares 1.5 covers the following optical effects:

  •  Photo real Lensflare Effects Render Effect
  •  Photo real Glow Effects
  •  Ultra Fast Multithreaded Camera Lens Effects
  •  Unique Atmospheric Lensflare Effect
  •  Edges Glow used to enhance object outlines
  •  Full HDRI support for Glows and Highlights
  •  Photo real camera blooming