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Utwórz bez kłopotu instancje warst 3D ! Echospace pozbawia kłopotu związanego z pracą na wielu warstwach w After Effects. Poczynając od obrazu, tekstu, materiału filmowego czy nawet kompozycji, Echospace utworzy wiele wersji tej warstwy, które moga być traktowane grupowo lub indywidualnie. Ruch i efekty mogą przemieszczać się po tych wartswach z kontrolą przesunięcia, opóźnienia i więcej.

Reasons To Buy

  • 64 bit compatibility provides significant performance gains
  • Creates modern-looking text animation for broadcast or the web
  • Requires no knowledge of After Effects Expressions — it’s all done automatically

Animate multiple layers painlessly

Don’t hand-tweak 100 individual layers. Echospace creates dozens or even hundreds of instances of footage, text or solids as individual 3D layers within After Effects. These layers can be animated separately or together, and can even cast shadows on each other, without you ever doing painful, time-consuming layer-by-layer updates.

Fast OpenGL render options

Echospace’s layers can be rendered either with After Effects’ OpenGL preview engine for quick previews in the Composition window, or with the Render Queue’s OpenGL option for faster final output. Either way, you’ll take full advantage of After Effects’ GPU acceleration and get lightning-fast rendering speeds.

Sophisticated 3D animations without Expressions

Echospace lets you apply the same motion to sequences of layers as a group, with specific time delays or offsets in 3D space. Get sophisticated ‚falling domino’ or ‚follow-the-leader’ style animations in seconds. Get away from layer-by-layer updates with no knowledge of Expressions required!