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DeskPack Viewer for Illustrator

ESKO DeskPack Viewer for Illustrator

A correct visualization of your packaging design is crucial in a professional environment. Catch errors early on with the Viewer for Illustrator. It is the perfect tool for packaging quality control.

With Viewer for Adobe® Illustrator®, you can work with predefined Press Settings to detect first printable dots, to simulate dot gain and registration errors, and to calculate the total area coverage in your file.

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View – Inspect – Measure

Digital Quality Control tool and viewer for Adobe® Illustrator® design and production files, with accurate in-house soft proofs.

This viewer plug-in for Illustrator® offers high resolution separation viewing, as if you were inspecting your final printing plates. Showing a process related preview. Viewer offers a Separation preview, TAC (Total Area Coverage) preview, Flexo Plate preview, Flexo Print preview and Registration Error preview. A digital densitometer gives instant and precise readouts of all inks in any area of the packaging design.

Separation preview

  • different viewing modes for individual or combined separations
  • precise inspection tools with color correct preview
  • high zoom factors – DeepZoom 150.000 procent in Illustrator®

TAC preview

Anticipate run time printing problems: this viewer plug-in for Illustrator® will tell you the Total Area Coverage of a job and the minimum and maximum densities per ink. The Ink Coverage check settings are printing process aware. The TAC preview layer highlights the areas where the total area coverage exceeds a give limit.

Flexo Plate preview

The Flexo Plate preview layer displays a single channel of your image as a processed flexo plate.

Flexo Print preview

The Flexo Print preview can accurately predict:

  • breaking out highlights
  • disturbing edges in the black highlights
  • isolated groups of pixels that can potentially print as scum dots
  • general loss of dynamic range and print saturation

Registration Error preview

The Registration Error preview simulates the press missregistration per separation, allowing the operator to check for instance if the applied trapping distance covers the press miss-registration tolerance to avoid gaps.


Viewer tickets are shared between Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe® Photoshop®. Each operator in the plant can view and inspect jobs at any stage in the workflow. Viewer beats inspecting film on a light table, hands down. It saves time and cuts costs.

Image viewing

Images are previewed based on the embedded or linked high resolution process or spot color linked images, even in an OPI environment.