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DeskPack Image Extractor for Illustrator

ESKO DeskPack Image Extractor for Illustrator

Embedded images in Adobe® Illustrator® files cannot be edited. This makes last minute revisions impossible. With Image Extractor, you can convert embedded images into externally linked images, allowing you to edit them in Adobe®Photoshop®.

Embedded images can be selected, written to disk, and automatically transformed from embedded images to linked images.

Supported input formats

The Image Extractor supports the following embedded image modes:

  • Monochrome images
  • Bitmap images
  • Composite CMYK
  • Pre-separated spot color images. imageX will export these as composite multi-channel spot color images
  • Adobe Illustrator

Supported output formats

Depending on the input format, imageX can export to the following output file formats: DCS2.0, Photoshop DCS2.0, Esko CT or Tiff.


  • Make embedded images data accessible for manipulation e.g. with Adobe® Photoshop®
  • Share and control equal image data between documents
  • Reduce turnaround time by reducing the file sizes easy-to-use

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Image Extractor