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Anark Media Studio

Anark Media Studio

The Anark Media Platform is an advanced, production-proven, 3D application development platform designed to create realistic and immersive interactive environments for a broad range or enterprise-class product configuration, visualization, simulation, and training applications.

Unlike other solutions, the Anark Media Platform is an intuitive, yet powerful authoring tool and client application that has enabled cost effective creation and delivery of mission-critical visual applications for a wide array of industry leading manufacturing, aerospace, and defense organizations.

Visual Solutions for Visual Communication:

  • The Anark Media Platform solves a wide range of enterprise visual communication challenges, enabling 3D product configuration and visualization, virtual parts catalogs, interactive training, and marketing communication applications.
  • This advanced 3D authoring platform offers the power, flexibility and delivery options required to develop unparalleled interactive 3D applications and deliver content to a broad audience.
  • The Anark Media Platform is a top choice for professional interactive 3D application developers and has been proven to be an invaluable asset for creating small or large scale 3D applications for internally or externally hosted applications.

Anark Media Use Cases

Interactive Training and MRO Solutions

The Anark Media Platform can help you utilize existing CAD and other 3D data for visually realistic interactive training applications. These effective applications allow trainees to visually identify part configurations and then complete simulated maintenance and repair operations in fully interactive 3D environments.

  • Reduce costs and deliver 3D virtual training applications to accurately simulate complex training operations.
  • Accelerate repair procedures by simulating and visualizing complex repair procedures without the costs and overhead required with physical mock-ups.
  • Shorten training time lines by repurposing CAD designs to develop training applications that can be initiated before products reach the market.

Immersive 3D Marketing Solutions

The Anark Media Platform can help you create potent communication applications by transforming CAD and other 3D data into visually stunning interactive presentations.

  • Demonstrate and evangelize product designs with customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • Eliminate the need for expensive physical prototypes and mock-ups in order to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of new products.
  • Increase customer interest and retention with visually stimulating interactive media that can be tracked and analyzed.

3D Product Pre-Visualization

The Anark Media Platform can help you deliver realistic and animated virtual prototypes, resulting in improved concept designs, presentations and evaluations that increase your bottom line.

  • Bring products to market faster with interactive 3D visualizations and simulations of parts and assemblies before they are prototyped or produced.
  • Save costly re-engineering expenses by building virtual prototypes to explore form, fit, and function prior to manufacture.
  • Optimize design and manufacturing processes early in the development cycle using life-cycle visualization.

3D Product Configuration and Build-to-Order

3D Product Configuration and Build-to-Order

The Anark Media Platform can help you reduce build costs and ordering time with interactive 3D feature selection and validation framework, allowing customers to view and customize products in interactive 3D.

  • This allows you to secure orders earlier in the development cycle with realistic and visually accurate representations of products or options.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by allowing them to visualize, experience, and select optimal features and configurations.
  • Assess configuration impact on weight, cost, and space with data-driven 3D interactive analytic applications.

VR, Visualization, and Layout and Planning

VR, Visualization, and Layout and Planning

Quickly and easily convert, simplify, and optimize complex 3D CAD assemblies for use in a wide variety of virtual reality, visualization, and layout and planning applications.

Drastically Reduce Time to Prototype

Creating detailed and realistic models for use in real-time modeling, simulation, and training applications like WorldViz Vizard is a costly, labor-intensive process–especially when CAD designs or model geometry change. The Anark Core Platform is the perfect tool for quickly simplifying and converting CAD data into lightweight mesh models. Unlike conventional tools and workflows, Anark Core automates the process of creating lightweight models, and has been shown to reduce the time to prepare 3D CAD models for visualization by a factor of 20 to 1.

Bridge the gap between MCAD and AEC

Anark Core’s ability to import a broad array of mechanical CAD files and then export native Autodesk® DWG format provides a valuable bridge between mechanical CAD and AEC products and solutions. Anark Core is the most cost-effective solution for organizations that want to dramatically cut costs associated with recreating or converting products designed with MCAD software for use in AEC applications like Autodesk® Revit, Bentley MicroStation, 20-20 Technologies Cap Studio™, and others.

Automatically convert your JT assets into COLLADA

If your company creates JT files, Anark Core is the perfect solution for use cases that require a specialized lightweight mesh representation. Anark Core supports hole removal on B-rep based JT models and is the perfect solution to quickly and easily simplify and optimize complex, heavy, JT assemblies into lightweight derivatives that will always remain „in-sync” with design changes. For automated JT file processing, Anark Core can interface directly to the PDM system to simplify and export mesh models for use in applications that require lightweight geometry.

  • WorldViz Vizard
  • Analytical Graphics Inc. STK (Satellite Toolkit)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and Softimage
  • Google SketchUp

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