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3DProAnimator 7v

  • Easy to Animate Light Tracks
  • Blink & Chase Light Actions
  • Gorgeous Lens Flares
  • Automatic Truss & Light Fixture Modeling
  • Over a Hundred Photo Realistic Materials

What Is ProAnimator?

ProAnimator is the fastest way possible for you to add top-quality 3D Motion Graphics animation to your tool set. Follow our start up videos and you will be creating billable work right away.

3D Without The Headaches

3D programs these days are amazing. You can feel like a god making spaceships whiz and dinosaurs dance! But do you really need all of that power? And do you need the complications and headaches that go along with it? ProAnimator is optimized for motion graphics to give you the most impressive animations possible for a minimal amount of training and work.

Impressive Presets

To get you up and running quickly, right out of the box, ProAnimator comes with tons of presets and templates. Create an entire animation with One Click. Drag and drop colors, bevels and materials. No pre-planning, no training, just get-‚er-done production speed.

Customize Yourself Silly

ProAnimator is not just a pile of templates and presets. You will always need to customize what you are doing and ProAnimator makes customization fast and easy. Have you ever opened up a preset in another animation program and been boggled by the jungle of keyframes? Won’t happen with ProAnimator. No keyframes means it’s easier to customize and easier to use. Easier means it’s faster. Faster means you can finish work earlier and get home in time for dinner.

Changes Are No Sweat

Clients. You gotta love ’em, but they just don’t know the trouble they cause when they start asking for changes. The simplest requests can cause a domino effect of rework and late nights. But not with ProAnimator. ProAnimator is made to change anything at any time with no-rework. Even if you change the number of letters in a cascading animation, ProAnimator recalculates the changes automatically.

Excellent ROI

When a software is easy to learn you can start using it in your work faster. When it has tools for making dozens and dozens of graphics at a sitting it keeps the costs down and the money in-house. When it’s also affordable to buy it’s a no-brainer. That’s why so many magazines, blogs and graphics sites call ProAnimator „Must Have” software.

3D Titles On Steroids

Users tell us „If it does what you say it does, it’ll be amazing.” Then they buy it. Then they tell us they don’t know why they waited so long to buy it. If you need 3D motion graphics, ProAnimator is your dream program. Check it out. Watch the tutorials. Watch examples in our User Gallery.